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Good IT Security Practices – Top Tips

If you run a business or organisation that is reliant on your computer systems, there are three areas to ensure you’ve got covered.

User Awareness – User awareness is the first step to keeping your organisation safe! Make sure you team know to be cautious over clicking or opening email attachments or links from unknown sources. Does the email you have received from your colleague make sense or is it out of context? If not, don’t open it!

Prevention – The most effective protection against malware is to use a multi layered approach. We offer a range of NexGen malware protection products to safe guard your devices from threats arriving via email, web links or over the network. Speak to our team to find our more about protecting your servers, computers (pc & mac) and mobile devices (android & apple).

Recovery – In today’s world, where there is no way to 100% guarantee your organisation is protected from all possible threats, it’s very important that organisations ensure they have a trustworth and reliable cloud backup service in place that can keep historic copies of your data out of reach from threat’s such as malware. Speak to us about our Cloud Backup service.