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WannaCryptor in a nutshell

WannaCryptor is a Ransomware virus that encrypts your computer files and disables your computer. It then holds you to ransom by withholding the decryption key for your files until you make a payment to the authors. It usually asks the payment to be in bitcoins (a digital currency). In some cases after payment the victims have received the decryption key but there are also plenty of cases where this hasn’t happened.

How it infects a Computer

The initial infection can arrive in an array of different methods, including: social engineering emails designed to trick users to run the malware and activate the worm and users connecting an already infected device to the network.

Once the infection is on your local network it targets the SMB (Microsoft File Sharing protocol) on the network to spread to other computers.

What Should You be Doing

User awareness is the first step to keeping your organisation safe! Make sure you team know to be cautious over clicking or opening email attachment or links from unknown sources. Does the email you have received from your colleague make sense or is it out of context? If so, don’t open it.

What We’re Doing

We are reaching out to all of our Support Plan or regular Pay As You Go clients today and helping them ensure their computers are best protected against this or other variants of the malware. If you’re on our Ultimate Support plan your computer updates would have been pushed out by us as part of your fully managed service.

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