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Domain Did You Knows…

What’s in a name?

A domain name is the address that people use to find you or your company on the internet, to email you and each domain name is unique, for example ours is

Without domain names, URLs like ours above would just be a series of mind boggling numbers and IP addresses that would be impossible to remember.

Domain names are organised into three levels and these can be summarised using our example below:

  1. www. = Third Level Domain
  2. nippygecko. = Second Level Domain
  3. .it = Top Level Domain

Why bother?

Get the right domain name and you can use this to build a brand, grow your business or share your views and interest with others.

As the internet is growing so are domain name variations and many new domains have been released on the market, including .london which has been of huge interest to London based businesses.

5 fun domain facts

We thought we would spend some time this month by highlighting some fun facts about domain names:

  1. was the first ever registered domain name back on March 15th 1985 and is still in use today
  2. According to Verisign there are over a staggering 276 million domain names registered
  3. Most domain names are capped to a maximum 63 characters in length
  4. The world’s longest domain name belongs to a village in Wales
  5. The top twenty most pricey domains are worth over a £100million!

Give us a call if you would like to check out the availability of a new domain name or if you have an existing one that you would like to transfer over for us to manage for you.

Don’t delay, ensure you secure that domain name for your business before somebody else takes it!